Blue Loft Technologies Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala is a developing industry providing IT enabled services such as Designing, Developing, Maintaining, Operating, Establishing, Installing, Hosting, Providing, Facilitating, Supplying, Selling and Purchasing of Web – Technologies, Mobile Applications, Software Solutions, Web based and other Web enabled services and application.

Started in 2014, Our Company is driven by highly qualified and experienced personnel’s covering every aspect of Web and Software solutions with our client’s recommendations to reach their marketing goals. Our professional and multi-talented team combines local insights with global thinking in everything they create.

A website is the central hub of a company’s marketing plan. Now a days, with the evolution of smartphones, a major part of browsing is via android, blackberry and ios platforms. So, there is an utmost importance that every site should develop well organized, using the latest HTML5 and CSS standards in order to make it responsive. Our creative and responsive web designs help your company/Organisation to become globally notified.

Our vision

Through our constant commitment to ground breaking innovation, inspiration and imagination, we continue to exceed expectations of our clients by engaging the talent and passion of our team.

We are very much dedicated to promote small scale entrepreneurship and start-ups around our country with our collaboration and leadership to those who have a good idea and talent in technology businesses.

Our mission

Our mission is to become a globally reputed company with international standards providing excellent and quality services to our clients.